Adam’s goal is to make your buying experience fast, easy and stress-free. Whether it be a home or commercial property, having an Agent on your side looking after your best interests is extremely important. An experienced Agent can protect you from potential problems and give you expert advice on market value. Adam prides himself on educating his clients on the entire process and being available at all times. 

Adam Promises the Following:

1) Assist you in arranging financing for your property
2) Arrange showings and provide details for interested properties
3) Explain what clauses should be used to protect you the buyer
4) Explain all the paperwork related to the purchase
5) Provide honest advice on market value
6) Provide the best negotiation possible on your behalf
7) Always available for you

We Provide the Following Third Party Services:

  • Mortgage Brokers Specializing in new First Mortgages, Pre-Approvals, Refinancing 
  • Certified Inspectors -  Complete Property Inspection covering exterior, interior, plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, roofing
  • Real Estate Lawyer (Legal Services) - Purchase and Sale of Real Property, First-time Homebuyers, Transfer of Title, Refinancing and Mortgages, Other Real Estate Matter


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